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Terms and Conditions

Last updated June 2017 v1. If we make changes to these terms, we will notify you by updating the terms on our websites.

  1. iCafe Rewards Card ("iCafe Rewards Card") is not a store card or a credit card, it is our way of saying thank you for your loyalty by rewarding you every time you visit an iCafe.
  1. All iCafe Rewards Cards belong to iCafe Limited ("iCafe").
  1. A holder of an iCafe Rewards Card is here and after referred to as a 'Member'.
  1. iCafe Rewards Scheme ("iCafe Rewards Scheme") is operated by iCafe under which cardholders accumulate points when they visit any iCafe owned by iCafe Limited, any of it’s subsidiaries or our Franchise Partners ("Franchisees") by using their iCafe Rewards Card.
  1. iCafe Rewards Cards must be presented at the counter at time of purchase and payment and is not valid in conjunction with any other promotion. iCafe Rewards Cards must be present to redeem any points.
  1. iCafe Rewards Card will receive one point for every £1 spent at any iCafe, to be redeemed at your leisure in any iCafe of your choice. For example, £20 will earn you 20 points which equates to the value of £1. Points earned are here and after referred to as "iCafe Rewards Points".
  1. iCafe Rewards Points are automatically converted to the relevant monetary value every 10 points. For example, for every £10 spent, 50p is added to your iCafe Rewards Card.
  1. To keep track of your points balance please contact one of a member of staff in any iCafe or check online at rewards.icafe.uk.com by entering your iCafe Rewards Card number into the online points tracker.
  1. Your iCafe Rewards Card is personal to you and points may not be transferred to or from one card to another unless that card has been lost or stolen.
  1. You will not receive additional points in respect of any purchases made using iCafe Rewards Points. For example, if you have accumulated 20 points (worth £1) and you purchase something for £3.00, you will only receive additional points on the £2 if the other £1 was paid for by redeeming your iCafe Rewards Points.
  1. Only points credited to an iCafe Rewards Card may be redeemed and points may take 24 hours to be credited after a visit to an iCafe.
  1. iCafe Rewards Points are only valid upon confirmation that the Member's iCafe Rewards Card has been activated. Any iCafe Rewards Points earned in excess of 60 days before the card is activated may be forfeited.
  1. We are not able to retrospectively add points to your iCafe Rewards Card from visits prior to the date of registration.
  1. iCafe reserves the right to refuse or revoke any membership of the iCafe Rewards Scheme. In certain instances where the Member is suspected of abusing the iCafe Rewards Scheme then Member’s iCafe Rewards Points balance will be forfeited and any unused points will be cancelled.
  1. Members will be responsible for any loss or theft of an iCafe Rewards Card and should notify iCafe by email rewards@icafe.uk.com, by telephone 0141 339 3333 or by post iCafe Head Office, 21 Marine Crescent, The Toll Gate, Glasgow, G51 1HD, as soon as they become aware of a lost or stolen card.
  1. iCafe shall not be liable for any unauthorised use of any iCafe Rewards Card.
  1. Members shall notify iCafe of any change of address or other personal details. iCafe will not be responsible for any loss of an iCafe Rewards Card or iCafe Rewards Points resulting from any failure of a Member to notify iCafe of such change(s).
  1. The promoter of iCafe Rewards Scheme and owner of each iCafe Rewards Card is – iCafe Limited, iCafe Head Office, 21 Marine Crescent, The Toll Gate, Glasgow, G51 1HD. Contact us Monday- Saturday 8am-6pm on 0141 339 3333. Answering Machine: 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  1. It is against our terms and conditions for a member to redeem points from an iCafe Rewards Card other than one registered in their own name. Failure to adhere to this condition could result in your card being terminated.
  1. iCafe has the right to withdraw, cancel or change the terms of iCafe Rewards Scheme at any time.