To meet consumer demand iCafe takes local demographics, population diversity and distribution factors into account and this is reflected in the products we sell. These factors do not affect the standard and great taste of our products.

All of the current iCafe stores serve Halal meats certified by the appropriate Halal authorities and sourced through leading suppliers accredited by British Retail Consortium. Our poultry meat is pre-packaged, cooked and ready to eat.

Information on Display
The participating stores display Halal Logo on the store window, table menus and the sandwich display. Bacon products within our stores have been substituted by “Turkey Rashers” and this is clearly visible on our menus and product packaging.

Maintained Standards
According to a 2012 Food Standards Agency report cited by the RSPCA, 97% of cattle and 96% of poultry slaughtered using the halal method in UK abattoirs are stunned before being killed - which meet or exceed all the relevant UK and EU legislation. Due to the supply chain set-up within the food industry, a small proportion of our Halal certified meat is sourced from outside of the EU.

Contact Us
If you have any further questions with regards to the products we serve, please contact us on 0141 339 3333 or ho@icafe.co.uk

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